Frequently Asked Questions...Information for families on OPQ contracted slots

What are my work hour requirements?

Upon enrollment and initial eligibility, parents are required to be working at least 25 hours per week.


What if my work schedule or hours change?

The contracted slots are designed to meet the needs of working parents.  However initial eligibility is protected through the contract year provided that co-pays are paid, and that the child continues in the OPQ program full time.


What age group do the contracts serve?

Contracted slots are for children ages 0-6


What about my school Age Children?

While contracted slots are designed for children 0-6, school age children can receive care at OPQ or other programs through ERDC subsidy vouchers.


How many hours do my children have to be in care?

The contracted slots require children to be in care for 136 hours per month.


When is my eligibility checked?

Eligibility is checked at the beginning of the contract year, which is September 1.  For families who enroll during the contract year, eligibility is checked at enrollment.


What if I move or have to change providers?

Talk with your provider of DHS worker.  Contracted slots are available through OPQ providers, however other providers may serve families on ERDC subsidy.


What will this cost me?

Parents pay the minimum co-payment to their provider ($27).  Parents will pay any differential (overage) between the providers tuition and the DHS payment rate.