Winter Registration Sept. 2019-June 2020

Teacher Cheryl has a Bachelor's Degree in Child

Development Teacher Tom has his Associate's Degree.


Winter Registration-New Students $100.00  Returning Students $50.00


We eat every 2-1/2 hrs. on USDA Food Program - 2 Meals plus 2-3 snacks daily.

  • Children perform Concerts for the parents twice a year.

  • See how our bodies move with Tap, Ballet, Square Dance & Hip Hop.

  • use their imagination & creativity through Paint, Sand, Gack, & Play Dough.

  • Learn Social Skills-how to make friends, how to be kind, and the feelings you get when you show empathy to others.  How to love our friends.

  • Sign-Language, Science & Public Library every week.

  • Gardening-Planting bulbs, seeds, roses, sweet peas to eat & vegetables.

  • Love to find WOrms, Snakes, watch Spiders eat their prey.

  • Make mud Tracks or Paper Mache Volcanoes.

  • Speech Therapy, Social Skills, Sign Language with E C Cares weekly.

  • Songs, Letters, Math games.  Cooking classes, READ, READ, READ daily.

  • Gross Motor Skills -Riding Bikes, Scooters, Jump Rope & Hula Hoop.

  • Have fun, $unshine1!laugh till your stomach hurts, giggle as you play, be silly.

How to love & be a good friend.  Showing empathy- empathy-empathy.


sunshine fees 2019

Teacher ratio is 5-7 Students per Teacher.  Yeah!