Sunshine Preschool                                                                                                                                                     December 2, 2008

Dear Thom and Cheryl

Our family wanted to make sure that we expressed our gratitude and love for your facility at Sunshine Preschool. Our children Kaiden and McKenna have been with you since November of 2007 and every experience and day with you has been a true pleasure. Ever since Kaiden was 3 months old he has been in day care. Everyone that I took him to over the years just didn't feel "right". I cannot tell you what a relief and a blessing it was when we finally were able to come to your daycare. It is very difficult to leave your small children in someone else's care and everything about the way the two of you operate your facility impressed and amazed me. I felt so much comfort that if my two children could not be with me they were with you.

Here are just some of the things I felt were so wonderful about Sunshine were home cooked and nutritious meals, dance lessons, swimming lessons, Organ lessons, long walks, and hikes in the summer, library time, the abundance of educational and learning toys, a safe outside area for riding bikes, getting exercise, and active play, security  camera's throughout, cooking lessons, song and dance programs , morning and afternoon updates on the children's progress or simply to tell me about their first days, crafts,homework and school time, and I also felt that your pricing was fair and actually less than a lot of the other daycare's in the county.

Among all of these great activities I knew that my children were being prepped well for school. In fact during Kaiden's first parent teacher confrence his teacher told me that Kaiden was well prepared compared with most  of the other children on his letters and numbers and other learning skills. I owed this to Sunshine Preschool.she also commented that the children that come from your daycare always are a pleasure to work with so knowing you have an excellent reputation in the school district is extraordinary.

Our family was lucky enough to be able to have me stay home with the kids from now on or else of course we would still be at Sunshine.

We want to sincerly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and dedication to your work, your school, and to all of the children that you work with everyday. You have an obvious love and passion for what you do and I would recommend you to anyone that I can.

Josh and Brianne