OPQ Letter Of Recommendation

             Lane Community college

Letter of Recommendation

December 15, 2010

Dear OPQ Committee,

   It is my pleasure to recommend Cheryl Thien for the Oregon Program of Quality Cohort; comprised of six standards which include 1) Collaborative family involvement; 2) Enhancing child development and learning; 3) Maintaining an appropriate physical environment; 4) Highly qualified personnel; 5) Effective administration and business practices; and 6) Promoting health and safety. Cheryl is an exceptional person, and teacher; she is certainly well-qualified to participate in this program.

   I have known Cheryl for the past 6 years and have worked with her since 2004, in the Child Care Enhancement Program (CCEP), which is a network of providers selected to participate to increase the quality of childcare lower the cost of tuition for parents and build professionalism. I have had the privilege of seeing her Certified Family Child Care site grow, Literally , they built a designated child care space, with a floor ceiling mirror for Cheryl's love of teaching dance and amazing musical program, she also has developed a professional sustainable business and is a step 9 in the Oregon Registry. She attends the required meetings and is an active participant in the CCEP program. Always willing to advocate, write letters to promote the early childhood field in our community.

   Cheryl has demonstrated the ability to run a high quality programs for children and their families, she works well with parents and others CCEP providers, and she is dependable, honest and helpful person. I think she is a great candidate for Oregon Program od Quality Cohort and it will help her grow her program, manage her program, and continue her path on the road to becoming a fully accredited site in the future, which is one of Cheryl's goals.


Terri Hansen